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Creation Museum Video Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Posted by Henry in anti-evolution, Bible, creation museum, creationism, evolution, fundamentalism, God, museums, rationality, religion, science, video.

Here is a creation museum video clip. It is not a virtual tour, nor does it contain lots of shots of the inside of the museum; rather it is a refutation on the concept of “super evolution” presented by the museum.

Warning – the background music might irrate you. 🙂

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1. Frank - Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The museum’s claim on reason and God’s word is this:

Human reason = Reasoning from a naturalistic presupposition.

God’s word= Reasoning from a Biblical presupposition.

That does not imply that Logic and Reason are abandoned, only that they are utilized from a framework that is founded on the source of logic and reason, God. They are using “reason” and “Logic” to make this claim, so how can they be oppossed to Logic and reason?

Please explain where the concepts of Logic and Reason come from?

From a biblical presupposition, they are absolutes, abstract, non-material and are constants. They are transcendent. How does the evolution of the mind account for these concepts?

You make a few statements as to the theories within the creationist concepts of biology and state the impossibility of certain concepts and state that these things have been countered by what science has shown (sorry could not quote you verbatim from the video), but you have not made your case. Showing another approach or theory only shows that there are more possibilities, it does not necessarily follow that it makes the other claim false. You must show without any doubt why the creationist position fails. Instead you make claims that are just as reaching, such as the claims of the species split of the flies being millions of years old. How do you know that for sure? It is an assumption put across as a fact. How do you know that speciation was not accelerated due to pressure from the environment of the past? You don’t know that for sure, you can only speculate by what can be observed today.

Be honest in your presentations and show both sides of the argument not just some placards with the creationists claims, plus a “what proof?” or “there is no proof” nonsense, followed by “here is what I know to be true” statements with vague evidence. The very thing you accuse the museum of doing, you turned around and did it yourself on the video.

You made a claim in a portion of your video that there is “No” evidence. The museum is full of evidence on the subjects that you spoke on. Should you not say insead, that the evidence that “is” presented is not convincing and here is why… Show both sides and let folks decide.

That is exactly what the museum is doing. Evolution has many outlets where folks can learn about it and its claims on origins. The museum shows another view on origins. If either side falters, then it will die off. What is the big deal? People are not that stupid. The only problem is that folks have never had to question Evolution, because every other position has been silenced, so folks assume that these things are right. That is what academia is all about. Debating and researching different viewpoints and making informed decisions. Reasonably and logically. Terms you use as if evolution founded these laws (logic and reason).

Now if this video is what you mean by being intellectually honest, reasonable, and logical, then…

2. blueollie - Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Actually, there is really only one side, and that is the side taken by every single research center at the best universities in the land.

And no, crackpot ideas are NOT given “equal time” in academia in any scientific discipline. They are dismissed and no one wastes their time on them, pure and simple.

What mainstream science has delivered: proven discoveries, including cures for diseases, nuclear energy, unbelievable technology.

What saying “god did it” has delivered: NOTHING!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely, positively NOTHING.

3. religionandatheism - Saturday, July 7, 2007

If you want to find good evidence for evolution, see the following entry on our blog:

4. Words Less Spoken - Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Noah’s Ark Just Won’t Float

This is a picture of the Noah’s Ark scale “model” exhibit at The Creation Museum in Petersburg, KY operated by Answers in Genesis. Please look at it carefully. Now, I don’t have a bone to pick with anyone, but how can we hon…

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