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The Monthly Dembski Watch – July 2007 Wednesday, August 1, 2007

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This is a summary of Bill Dembski’s July posts at Uncommon Descent. I started this last month when I was utterly appalled by Dembski’s classless act of making fun of Coyne’s physical appearance. Since then I have been interested in what Dembski writes, and this post is a result of it. I am particularly curious in what kind of positive contribution Dembski (and ID in general) can provide. Note that it is not the purpose of this post to provide anything substantial; it is merely a summary with some element of sarcasm (with people like him – why not?).

So these are what Bill has written in July 2007 (in reversing chronological order):

27th of July – SCIENCE’S BLIND SPOT by Cornelius Hunter

This is a short post from Bill recommending an anti-science book to his audience.

26th of July – A Scoville Scale for Dangerous Questions

This is a good one from Dembski – he is using the scale that measures the hotness of chilli as a way of rating questions proposed to “materialists”. Bill can be very creative too.

24th of July – Intelligent Design in Business Practice

Dembski cries and feels sorry for ID and wants to make it go into business practices. Be aware, the emptiness of ID has turned from school classrooms to business offices! Let’s see what ID has to offer for the success of the economies around the world.

Bill says:

Get used to it: ID is going every place that Darwinism has gotten its fetid little fingers.

I am seriously worried about Dembski’s state of mental health, no kidding. His bitterness has turned to this me-against-the-world ill feeling which has shown time and time again.

20th of July – Casey Luskin interviews Robert Marks, director of Baylor’s Evolutionary Informatics Lab

A short post by Bill advertising for his colleague Robert Marks. If you have read Bill’s post earlier, they are actually writing a very important and critical academic papers on, er, disproving Jesus Tomb.

20th of July – Kevin Padian: The Archie Bunker Professor of Paleobiology at Cal Berkeley

For those who aren’t familiar with Padian, he is a paleontologist who testified in the now famous Kitzmiller v. Dover trial in 2005 which led to the defeat of the Intelligent Design side. Here is the entire testimony by Padian. Given this background, no wonder our oh-so-lovely Bill takes issue with Padian.

Bill creatively calls Padian the Archie Bunker this month, and as reported here last month Bill called the evolutionary biologist Coyne Hermant Munster. I am eagerly waiting what Dembski the creative soul will come up next month.

Incredibly Bill is actually on the defensive for once.

For a rebuttal of Dembski’s whining and vileness, see the wonderful Jason Rosenburg’s post here (and its comments). Jason said well to sum up William Dembski’s mentality:

Mentally healthy human beings do not write paragraphs like that.

19th of July – Dawkins to Wolpert: “Lewis, you are starting to sound like a creationist”

Bill makes fun of what Dawkins said to fellow evolutionary atheist Lewis Wolpert in a conference. Pity I failed to verify Bill’s source on the Internet. I am sure Bill has had a good laugh which is good even for a man of such negativity and bitterness.

16th of July – “The New New Atheism” — by Peter Berkowitz

Here a Bill quotes a couple of paragraphs written by Berkowitz in criticising the current atheist movements led by Dawkins and Dennett and so on.

15th of July – Baylor’s Evolutionary Informatics Lab — better link

Just a short post to provide a better link to the Texas based

12th of July – Paper and Website: “The Jesus Tomb Math”


Dembski is actually doing some work, as opposed to his usual whining and complaining!

Dembski is writing some mathematics papers on a very important topic that is of great concern to human beings. He is writing about, er, the probability of the Jesus Tomb.


Er, keep up the good work Bill, that way everyone in the scientific and religious communities will take you more seriously.

9th of July – String Theory vs. Neo-Darwinian Theory

Bill made a remark on complexity:

Ken Miller and Richard Dawkins would respond that evolutionary theory has made numerous predictions and has been overwhelmingly confirmed. But invariably they’re talking about small-scale evolutionary changes that do not address the massive build-up of complexity that neo-Darwinian theory is supposed to be capable of explaining but gives no indication of being able to explain.

Small scale evolutionary changes are also incredibly complex – and no intelligent designer needed here.

7th of July – Fred Reed on Evolutionary Psychology

Bill says:

For the greatest theory ever conceived, Darwinian evolution has begotten an idiot in evolutionary psychology.

The same goes for ID – for the most ignorant infantile story ever conceived, Creationism has begotten an even bigger idiot in Intelligent Design.

5th of July – SALVO — A countercultural magazine sympathetic to ID

Here Dembski introduces the website SALVO in which he is on its editorial board.

5th of July – Are you pro-science enough?

This is a good one. Apparently Bill owns pro-science.net, pro-science.com and pro-science.org which all refer back to Uncommon Descent! And furthermore, the encourages his army of pro-ID proponents to use these domains when debating against Darwinists. He sure has a good sense of humour.

5th of July – George Gilder in the Jerusalem Post

Dembski highlights Gilder’s responses in an interview. For those who don’t know, Gilder is a controversial social commentator – and the co-founder of Discovery Institute.

5th of July – Is Cheri Yecke’s advocacy of ID a career-maimer?

Another quick post in which Bill has again shows that Intelligent Design proponents have been victimised.

5th of July – Barbara Forrest up to her old tricks

Here Bill says asks if ID proponents are a bigger threat to the democratic institutions than those dogmatic Darwinists. I am afraid that the answer is yes, and not to mention the verdict delivered in the famous Dover District trial.

4th of July – Jerry Coyne responds to Behe

Here is another quick post by Dembski in which he singles out one sentence in an article written by Coyne. Have you now noticed that Bill never offers anything substantial? Perhaps he is too busy working on the ground-shaking underlying principles of Intelligent Design.

3rd of July – MIT’s Department of Biological Engineering

A short post in which Dembski asks if the description and goal of biological engineering sounds more like ID or Darwinism. This misses the point since the one, if not the, underlying fundamental science is his dreaded Darwinism. I propose we might as well call engineering of any shapes and forms Intelligent Design from now on.

3rd of July – Michael Behe’s Amazon Blog

This is a shot post providing a link to Michael Behe’s blog at Amazon. I would like to find out why Behe doesn’t post at Uncommon Descent?

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1. Local Stuff; odds and ends « blueollie - Wednesday, August 1, 2007

[…] Evolution h3ney follows an ID blog so you don’t have to. […]

2. laelaps - Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Thanks for keeping this running. I have never come across a whiny pedant quite like Dembski; it’s been nearly two years since Dover and he’s still crying over it (and he wasn’t even really involved in the actual case). Indeed, thank you for braving UD often enough to compile what’s going on; I’d look myself, but my brain usually can’t take it.

3. Marvin - Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dembski hates it when creationism is related to intelligent design (discredits him in the real world of peer-reviewed science). But whatever Dembski claims about Intelligent Design, he is, at heart, by faith, another creationist:

“I subscribe to the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 as well as the Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy. I believe Adam and Eve were literal historical persons specially created by God. I am not, as he claims, a theistic evolutionist. Within the Southern Baptist seminaries, both old-earth and young-earth creationism are accepted positions. True, young-earth creationism remains the majority view in the SBC, but it is not a litmus test for Christian orthodoxy within the SBC. I’m an old-earth creationist and the two SBC seminaries at which I’ve taught (Southern in Louisville and Southwestern in Ft. Worth) both were fully apprised of my views here in hiring me.” William Dembski

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