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Australian Pastor Had Sex With His Daughters – To Teach Them To Be Good Wives Friday, August 31, 2007

Posted by Henry in Australia, crime, faith, family, fundamentalism, incest, morality, religion, scriptures, sex, South Australia.

Why – someone please explain to me – do we often have religious figures commit unspeakable, despicable crimes like this? People with religious duties are depended by many followers as their moral guides and supportive pillars, yet we seem to never stop hearing criminal and degrading sexual acts being repeated over and over again. Why?

In this report an Australian fundamentalist pastor is being jailed for eight and half years for having sex with his daughters – when both were in their early teenage years – to teach them how to be good wives.

Says in the report:

The man [the pastor] told the court the sex was not about fulfilling his desires but about teaching his daughters how to behave for their husbands when they eventually married, as dictated in scripture.

In sentencing, Judge David Lovell said the misrepresentation of scripture used to justify the abuse of the girls “defied belief”, and that he had “hypocritically betrayed” his religion and principles.

Many religious apologetics have said that religion is merely an expression, a vehicle for wrongful acts. This I will not contest. However, it is also important to face the fact that such as in this case, religion and blind faith are the root cause of wrongful, criminal acts themselves.

This so-called “pastor” makes me sick.


1. anon - Wednesday, September 5, 2007

incest is not uncommon in the animal kingdom, only that they do not need to explain it; either to a judge or . …. …. …

is it not there in your science text books or havent you watched the dogs do it? Stop being silly about such mundane things.

dogma in the name of religion is bad enough we dont need moral priests like you in science.

Stick to science, will you? morality is something that science has yet to get a firm grip on, when they get it, you can talk about it.

otherwise your blog is fine… spare us the humor though

This is linux all over again, 11 fools programming and 11,000 fools applauding.

2. Seun Jonathan - Thursday, September 6, 2007

This is Absurd! Much more than the sentence, dear PASTOR, give your life to christ so that you dont burn in hell fire. Have u wacthed Mike Bamiloye’s film? – Seun Jonathan, POGEM TV, http://www.pogem.tv

3. soar - Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Only 8 and a half years? I think he deserves a lot longer.

4. Osama - Saturday, February 16, 2008

Don’t forget that there are a lot of sickos out there that do even sicker things and not in the name of religion. Pastors just seem to get more attention when they do wrong … and they seem to always justify it using religion. It’s quiet sad, yes.

5. Skeptical Dragon - Saturday, March 1, 2008

Calling incest “sick” is really applying some arbitrary morals to an act. Watch that slope of irrationalism. The questions are,
“did the daughters consent?”
“were they old enough by local standards to consent?”
“did they suffer damage in some form (psychological included)?”
“was birth control used since there is an increased chance of defective offspring?”

Academics aside, social mores are a mucky mix of secular and religious axioms not often examined critically.
The young women will probably take “virtual damage” in that they are now publicly known to have had sex with their father. They’re also no longer virgins, a problem for those that care about such things.

I’m not defending this loon at all… only saying be careful not to fall into the “unexamined belief” pit of outrage. Nature naturally tends to discourage incest (the sibling antipathy towards incest being a more interesting behavior) and there are excellent secular reasons to discourage anyone in an authority position taking undue advantage of those under their care.

6. Shane - Saturday, March 8, 2008

Ehh, my problem with this is that it’s just an obscure example. If you start to use things like this to represent religion, then whenever an athiest does something wrong it would be an equally valid argument. I think we should stick to cold hard facts and logic for dealing with religion, and avoid using moral arguments.

7. James - Saturday, June 21, 2008

Yeah, OK, who would want to marry them after that? Or, I can just imagine the conversation on their wedding night.

8. Patricia - Tuesday, November 11, 2008

This man had no right to take sexually advantage of his two daughters at all. He’s no pastor because if he was a true christian, he wouldn’t have resorted to using his daughters like that. Now both girls are affected by this by a man whose no father, but a sex pervert. I think he should serve alot longer than just eight and a half years. And just because in the bible that both of Lot’s daughter’s became pregnant by him doesn’t justify this man’s behavior at all. It’s morally wrong and people who use children for their own sick and perverted ways need to be castrated.

9. Patricia - Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Skeptical Dragon, the girls didn’t consent to having sexual intercouse with their father. The father was the one that initiated this and so therefore, he needs to take responsibility for this mess. The girls were only about 13 and 15 years of age when this occurred. He had absolutely no right at all whatsover in using these girls for his sexual desires. He’s married to the girls’ mother. Why couldn’t he have saved it instead for his wife. But no, this sicko had the gall to use both his daughters and then turning around and flat out telling the judge in court that he was only trying to teach his daughters on sexual behavior in the room with their future husbands. This guy’s no parent because a parent in his or her right frame of mind wouldn’t resort to this behavior at all. This is suppose to left up to both of the girls to learn on their own. No parent should never, ever stoop that low as to using their children sexually. This behavior is not acceptable and I think this father should more like serve 25 years to life because this was an illegal crime and by doing what he did to them for about ten years, he had given up his rights as a free man. This man should never walk.

10. crispyfinger - Thursday, September 17, 2009

This man is no more religious than I am. He simply tried to use his faith to hide behind.

I wonder how he justifies these acts to god at night.

11. Lucaswashier » Blog Archive » De ontsekste eeuw - Saturday, January 30, 2010

[…] van immigranten aantasten. Maar Australië broedt zelf ook specimen van de Kapelse en Genemuider variëteit uit. Cod’s wallop; veel Aussies hebben voorouders uit Kapelle en […]

12. Yinka - Sunday, August 28, 2011

He is possessed by the spirit of the dog, He is a level 3 sexual pervert and predator who should be castrated. He is also using the title “pastor” to cover up. He is a very sick man who needs prayers and deliverance through the WORD OF GOD.

13. $ tella - Monday, May 14, 2012

“who would marry them after that?”
Dudebro, you need to recka-nize. Not every person in the world wishes or expects to marry. If you don’t want to marry a fatherfucker then don’t…though I imagine you have sexual feelings about your own unborn. So that’s not the point. Most who condemn incest loudly with no mention of harm reduction are the ones who are insanely jealous of a man who gets ta fuckhis own nubile flesh and blood. which is bizarre.

14. boutique hotels in goa - Saturday, December 8, 2012

I very much like the idea of “the wrong problem” … especially since it often applies recursively. In this case, not only were people tackling the problem of human-powered flight from the wrong direction, but human-powered flight is (with the benefit of hindsight) itself the wrong problem.s

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