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Teenage Girl Stoned to Death for Loving the Wrong Boy Sunday, May 6, 2007

Posted by Henry in atheism, fundamentalism, honor killing, Iraq, Islam, Kurdish, love, religion.

I am completely horrified and saddened by the barbaric, despicable act of the so-called honour-killing in the names of Islam.

I am also maddened.

This Daily Mail report, originally found at Richard Dawkins’ website, is something I cannot digest. A 17 year old Kurdish girl of a minority Islamic sect was stoned to her death by her family and tribesmen simply because she was in love with a Sunni boy, and failed to return home one night.

A video of it is floating around the internet. I have not had the courage to watch it.

This is tribalism and religious blindness at their worst. Utterly barbaric beyond words.

I can understand better now what Sam Harris means by saying that the Muslim world is comparable to the 14th century Christian Europe.

I am proud to be an atheist.

ps. Note that there are couple of video still images on the websites. I decided not to put them here. I don’t see the points. They are too gruesome.

May the girl rest in peace.