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Atheists – Face Your Worst Nighmares – An Awesome Video! Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Posted by Henry in anti-creationism, anti-evolution, anti-fundamentalism, creationism, faith, fundamentalism, funny, God, humor, humour, nightmare, parody, religion, science, video.
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Following the overwhelming success of the now famous Peanut Butter and Banana videos on the Internet, here is another video presenting not one, but many convincing and irrefutable evidences of how the Almighty God created everything! So there you go, those damn non-believers…

Courtesy of the Friendly Atheist.

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The Banana – Atheists’ Nightmare Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Posted by Henry in anti-creationism, anti-ID, creationism, evolution, funny, God, humour, intelligent design, nightmare, rationality, religion, science, video.

Continuing with the spirit of showing mind-boggling creationist videos, I will post another one – and a very good one too – which has recently being shown in great popularity on the internet:

So, according to the speaker in the video, the only way to explain the existence of the humble banana is God, because the banana is so fittingly designed in every form for humans.

Many people in different cultures hold the banana the other way around (such as the Polish and most Asian countries), so that the “tap” actually sits in the hand. I hope these upside-down-banana-holders world-wide are not sinners against God’s design!

This video is quite incredible, and has further opened me up to just how ignorant people can be sometimes.

Peanut Butter Disapproves Evolution Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Posted by Henry in anti-creationism, anti-ID, creationism, evolution, faith, funny, God, nightmare, rationality, religion, science, video.

According to this video, theory of evolution is disapproved by a jar of peanut butter! Unbelievable!

It is hard to believe that there are still such incredibly scientifically-illiterate and ignorant people out there. Or is this simply a parody taken to a new level? I hope the latter is the case!

Did you watch the video dying laughing, or shaking your head in disbelief?